156The Yellow House Mother Hopkins buys in Bath, by The Victoria Park Bookshop Reading Group

The sun! At last it feels as if there is a season that isn’t grey and cool. The pool at the lido had a queue for the first time this year and our tortoise, Tabby, is racing round the garden turbo charged by the heat.

I turned 50 at the weekend, and that’s my excuse for bring a rubbish blogger. So what have I been doing? Well I could make a list, but this is sort of about what happens when you’re waiting.

I’ve been writing for a long time and I am used to these times, I have a pile of stuff to do but somehow the energy seems to be flagging. I’m waiting for that editor to get back to me at one publisher, and another at another. And biggest of all the TV company. All my fingers, legs and arms are crossed. And they are crossed so hard it seems hard to gear myself up to do stuff.

This, by the way is my to do list.

Accounts. When I am filthy rich I shall have a pocket accountant who will go through all my envelopes of invoices and do my adding up.

Re-jig a script for a Radio play. This is actually very exciting. The wonderful BBC want my sample script as a radio drama, and as someone who listens to an awful lost of plays on the radio I can’t wait. It is very grim though. They want it tweaked for audio (no meaningful looks) as soon as possible as it is very topical. Actually it is one of those grim topics that is, sadly, always topical. I’ll let you know when it’s on.

Write another book. I know I know. Except I should have started this one already….

162Write the script for the thing that I have always wanted to write. I’ve started. But i am so scared of screwing it up that it sort of paralyses me.

But how lucky am I? I am working. Brave New Girl is being read, and in case I thought for a second my life wasn’t utterly charmed I visited the wonderful Victoria Park Bookshop reading group, only two weeks ago. Eight brilliant primary school girls, fizzing with ideas and joy, who had taken the time to read NEST OF VIPERS and even though they enjoyed it told me exactly where I had could have done it better (they were spot on).  Here are some of their pictures.