Why I Shouldn’t Have a Blog

It is OCTOBER! And only just OCTOBER. What am I thinking! You know what I should have blogged about by now?

Hoo Kids Book Fest

Not winning Rotherham Book Award but getting to see Julian Sedgewick juggle with knives.

Winning The Young Quills prize for best historical fiction in the 12+ category!

Going to YALC and having a wee in the next toilet to Carrie Fisher.

Writing Holby again.

Writing a love story for this.



Having A Nest of Vipers chosen for the List of 50 best Diverse books…http://www.theguardian.com/childrens-books-site/2014/oct/13/50-best-culturally-diverse-childrens-books

And teaching my first ever Arvon course at Lumb bank with Malachy Doyle and Geraldine McCaughrean which was fab.

Oh and even better Sawbones has been nominated for two more prizes Р for Salford School Libraries and for the Carnegie.

There are other things I have been rushing to do too – Sawbones 2 edits and Caraboo, which with luck should both be out next year!