Hooray for Everything!!!

olmp(3)This is the Olympic Stadium seen from the east bank of the River Lea. I was lucky enough to see the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony and it was brilliant. Well done to all invloved, it was engaging, emotional and a real spectacle. And as it was the rehearsal i didn’t have to sit through Duran Duran or Sir Paul….

This is just one reason I am feeling so happy. Too much has happened and I am a little worried in case something is bound to wrong. A list I think…

1. The new cover Walker Books have done for SAWBONES is brilliant. It’s not out until 2013 but it is so lovely and I will share as soon as I can.

2. I have been accepted on the BBC Writers Academy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/about/the-writers-academy I am totally excited but terrified by the workload!

3. Brave New Girl didn’t win the Southwark Book Award but it is up for the Tower Hamlets Book Prize (I won’t win this either!).

4. The Radio play looks on track for October…

5. I am just editing the new book for Random House CARABOO http://the-history-girls.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/every-thing-marvellous-princess-caraboo.html

and finally I went on a pedalo in Victoria Park. This was excellent, they are brand new – olympic tourist cash in probably – but it was great. I was never allowed on pedalos as a kid – my parents couldn’t swim – and although it costs ¬£10.50 you can actually get four people on one boat. Quick! Get out while the sun shines!