Excuse me….

People think we have final say on our covers, this is not always true, especially if, like me you’re a mid list author. I’ve been lucky and had some nice ones, Sawbones especially, and although I can’t share it yet, the new Caraboo novel out in July.

But when a tiny publisher wanted to reprint an educational title I wrote some years ago I said yes. They published it without running the cover past me. I complained. Nothing happened.

imgres I like this story. It’s set in the park in Hackney where I used to live. The protagonist, Devon, is involved in stealing off younger kids. He meets an amazing girl, falls in love, sees the error of his ways, but is it too late…..This was the cover (right)

This is the reprint (left).516Y0kBWj-L._UY250_-1  AAAAGH!

That is all