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Sarah Hadland and Lydia Syson

Hello I have such a lot to post about and this deserves to go first. I had a marvellous afternoon with Sarah Hadland of Horrible Histories and Miranda and a room full of readers at the Dalston Town Tales event in the summer. I was lucky to have Sarah read and even luckier to have… Continue reading

Anyone Who Had A Heart….Or Three

What have I been doing? So long since a post, well, my radio play was broadcast I’ve moved house, written an episode of Holby City and worked in the story office of EastEnders. I’ve also been doing the final tweaks and adjusts to Sawbones. Which, if you didn’t know already, is my new book out… Continue reading

Be Brave, Be Brave…..

Resolutions? Do I have any? Not really. Work more, don’t sit around so much watching telly or reading books. Read more books and watch more telly. Eat less chocolate get fit, the usual. Write more. Finish that sequel, write that script you love, be brave, be brave….. I think this year, that’s the one. Be… Continue reading

Next Big Thing – Maybe

Thank you to wonderful Che Golden, uthor of The Feral Child and liver of life that includes horses and of which I am most jealous for tagging me. I feel incredibly un writery at the moment. I am almost coming to the end of the BBC Writers Academy which has been a roller coaster of… Continue reading