Be Brave, Be Brave…..

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 15.05.35Resolutions? Do I have any? Not really. Work more, don’t sit around so much watching telly or reading books. Read more books and watch more telly. Eat less chocolate get fit, the usual. Write more. Finish that sequel, write that script you love, be brave, be brave…..

I think this year, that’s the one. Be Brave. I am naturally chicken. Chicken is my default setting. Don’t upset the applecart, say yes, and keep your head down. This year, and I think more and more in future that will not work. Especially if I want to keep any kind of career as a writer. I have to grasp the nettle and seize the day and all that other stuff.

I have to be brave. I have to write the absolutely best I can. Jimmy McGovern in our final Writers Academy lecture told us to write ‘with our shirt outside our pants’, he meant in a look at me I’m wonderful stylee. See how bloody fantastic I am, he meant.

This could be a good one. If I screw up I have only myself to blame.

So  I’m going to give bravery a try, even if I fall flat on my face in the poo.

And to begin with I am feeling very pleased with myself for shadowing a  very wonderful surgeon yesterday and not being sick or fainting in the presence of actual surgery.

Happy New Year

btw the picture is  of Little Bear by George Catlin,