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Mentor/Mentee: Dishing it Out and Taking it On Board

Last year, for the first time I was a writing mentor and had a  mentor of my own. The experiences hardly overlapped which in hindsight was a shame, as I have learned so much from being on the other side of the relationship these past few months. Let’s start with the mentee. Up until October… Continue reading

A Dalston Nativity

This is an outline for something that never got made from three years ago when it Lehmans had just gone bust and when Dalston was not as trendy as it is now. It’s schmaltzy but there you go, it’s Christmas. Enjoy! A  story of Londoners bought together by birth, near death and empty buildings. set … Continue reading

An Inteview! Shhhh it’s only with myself……

Hello! Can you tell I’m getting a bit frantic? It’s cause I have a book out in oooo less than a month. That’s the cover there, won’t miss that on a dark night!. In the past I’ve always tried to be pro-active about books coming out, and although I still haven’t cracked the best selling… Continue reading

Lies and the lying liars that, oh you know what I mean…

Two things, both of which are true; 1) Tomorrow I am talking to this years crop of apprentices from the Adventures in Fiction scheme, if you’re interested, the title of the talk is Building and Sustaining a Long Term Career as a Writer, I know, I am at the pre talk stage where you… Continue reading

The 1970s, Gun Fairs, Limehouse Basin and Herons

I have to finish this script! So excuse me while I am stuck in the 1970s. That’s my excuse for not posting, but I do have a lot on as well….What’s that? I hear you say, weeeeell, I’ve started as a Royal Literary Fund fellow at the University of East London, which you’d think, since… Continue reading

Skin Deep by Malaika Rose Stanley

Skin Deep is a perfect early top Juniors, or lower secondary school story. It is just right for those sensitive girls who love the younger range of Jean Ure, Karen McCombie, or Jacqueline Wilson novels. It’s a light, quick, read, but with enough depth to make the reader laugh and cry. The ending moved me… Continue reading